How To Get A Real Spinner

If you are searching for a simple money making idea, look no further than the Spinner. The colorful, conical shaped piece, is made of a durable fiberglass material, and has coin chutes attached to it. Coins are placed on to the coin chutes, and the magic begins. The coins will spin round the conical walls, until they disappear in to a base, which lies at the bottom of the small hole the coins work their way down through, and are collected at a bin located in that base.

Sure, the idea of watching a coin roll down the sides of the walls and down the conical base seems simplistic enough; but, for young kids, the fascination is beyond their understanding, and something they (and many adults), enjoy watching. This simple design will easily draw in crowds. It is a race to see whose coin is going to make it down to the base bin faster. It also answers the question of whether a ten piece will make it down the chute faster than a dollar coin, or any other coin value. When the Spinner is strategically placed in a mall, shopping center, theater, or other public facility, it is a great way to collect a large volume of coins, all of varying values.

When you order the Spinner, it comes with a four color sign, which can easily be adapted to showcase the charity event or fundraising cause that the coins will go towards once they are collected from the bin. A school event, raising money for a church, or any other charitable cause, are all great ideas when using the Spinner to collect funds for these and other charitable events or organizations.

Design/ Construction –
The Spinner is developed using: fiberglass, acrylic, aluminum, and hard plastic materials. Very little, if any maintenance is required, and there are no moving parts which you have to worry about possibly breaking down, and having to be repaired.

Money Back in a Period of Three Months –
As a high volume money maker, the Money Spinner requires little effort to operate. Being launched in 1988, it has become a well established money raiser in Australia, with over 500 units sited. It is best when the units are placed in high traffic and high pedestrian areas, such as shopping centers, malls, or outdoor locations in Australia. Of course the return on a daily basis will vary on traffic flow at the location the unit is placed in. In any case, more often than not, most charities attest that the Spinner pays for itself in a short period of three months time.

Locations –
Nearly anywhere a public crowd is going to be attracted to visit, is a great location for the Spinner. Some areas may include theaters, parks, zoos, museums, or other high traffic areas. When attempting to raise funds for a charitable cause or an organization, each of these places have proven to be ideal for placing the Spinner, and attracting visitors.